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Food Ethics Dilemma

Welcome to FE Dilemma!

Food Ethics Dilemma is a Nordic project financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers, that aims at develop an open educational resource (OER) on food ethics.

It is essential for all professions involved in the food sector to be able to engage in dialogue about the ethical implications of food production, processing, policy, supply, consumption and health. Public scepticism about issues as wellbeing, choice and fairness related to the food sector presents a challenge to scientists and professions involved, to participate in ethical debates about their work.

The Food Ethics project will lead to the development of an interactive learning tool based on a number of case studies involving food ethics. Special emphasis will be given to the narration model, the key for catching the students interest, motivate the student to continue in his/her studies and explain food ethics as a complex concept.

On this web site you will find 3 cases in different stages of development.

You will also find som background information on the project itself.